My St John's

SJPA Annual Fund

All the proceeds raised during popular SJPA events go into the Annual Fund.  This is a joint initiative between the School and the SJPA. 

The various departments within the School can then present to the SJPA Committee what they would like funds for. The criteria that the Committee uses in deciding how to allocate funding are based on the need to benefit as many of the pupils as possible.  With this in mind, last year the Fund provided the following:

  • drama/dance mirrors; 
  • bike club tools and equipment; 
  • an etching press; 
  • music stands for the Old Chapel; and,
  • Zumba equipment.

This year the Committee is funding, amongst other items: 

  • a racing dinghy with trailer; 
  • a coffee machine for catering; 
  • a CNC Router; 
  • three tanks for habitat observation in the new science block; and,
  • indoor hockey equipment and benches for spectators by the tennis courts.