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CCF Crowborough Camp

During the summer, Cadets from St John’s and Southborough High joined forces to attend an army camp at Crowborough, for a week of obstacle courses and survival training, competing against 13 other schools.

Activities included paint balling, laser quest, clay pigeon shotgun, archery, an obstacle course, .22 shooting, full bore shooting on the 25m range, learning how to sniper stalk and practise survival skills, building up to finish with a full platoon attack. They also completed adventure training, kayaking, raft building, mountain biking and low ropes courses. On the competition day, teams competed for military knowledge, skill at arms, drill, archery, full bore shooting, survival, command tasks, mountain biking, obstacle course and a speed march.

The St John’s team worked hard and really pulled together.

Josh Williams, Upper Fifth, Montgomery, led the shooting team and put in an incredible performance with a grouping size of 19mm. This earned him the top shot award for the week and, at the time of writing, it is the top shot of the summer so far. The team finished in a well-deserved second place.

The archery team managed a score of 151 from 8 firers. Anya Cooper, Upper Fifth, South, scored 51 of the points herself and this took St John's into first place.
The big surprise of the day was our drill team putting in a near perfect performance after only two hours of rehearsal and taking first place. An outstanding effort by them all and they were a credit to the Coldstream Guards, our parent regiment, who pride themselves on impeccable drill. 

Published on 12/07/2017

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