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Transport and Bus Routes

St John’s is particularly well-placed as far as rail and bus services are concerned; Leatherhead railway station and local bus stops are both a short walk away.

In addition to public transport, the School currently operates bus services at the beginning and end of the day.

St John's School bus services

Travel Options Guide

St John’s School offers minibus services to supplement the extensive local transport links into Leatherhead. All routes are scheduled to bring pupils into St John’s by 8.15am.

Buses currently run from Putney, Reigate, Woking and Weybridge. Timetables for the bus routes are available in our Travel Options guide.

Routes and timings are reviewed regularly, and new routes will be considered where there is adequate demand.

For further information, including prices for St John’s bus service please contact the Operations Department on 01372 231 522 or

Travelling by train

A large number of pupils travel to St John’s by train. Leatherhead railway station is approximately half a mile away from the School, just the other side of the main town centre. Walking to and from the station takes around 10-12 minutes.


For more information about train services to Leatherhead and additional stops, please visit or

Local bus services

As well as the St John's minibus services, local bus services are available from Kingston, Guildford, Epsom and Dorking.

For more information about bus services to Leatherhead, including stops, please visit and

Transport enquiries

All enquiries relating to transport and the bus routes, that are not covered by the Travel Options guide, should be sent to