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September 2018 entry

St John’s School offers a number of scholarships to candidates who demonstrate leadership and excellence in their specified field and also possess the potential to further develop in their time at St John’s.  It is expected that any candidate awarded a scholarship should maintain a level of excellence and commitment to that area of school life.  However, with this recognition come certain obligations and expectations.

Whilst it is usual to expect that any award made to a pupil joining St John’s will be held throughout that pupil’s time at the School, all awards are subject to an annual review and if a value is awarded (which is not always the case), it is of the day school fees.  The annual review covers issues such as attitude and participation and is designed to check that reasonable progress is being maintained in those areas of school life which are relevant.  Retaining a scholarship is subject to the Head’s approval and in some cases will depend on the pupil studying that discipline at GCSE or A level.  In the rare event that a pupil fails to meet and/or maintain the criteria specified, the award may be removed.

Candidates are welcome to apply for more than one scholarship.

All scholarship assessments take place at St John’s and are assessed by our heads of department.  Candidates are encouraged to contact the relevant head of department for clarification on any particular discipline. 

Scholarship application forms are available from the Admissions Office and should be returned, together with a fee of £50 per scholarship which is not refundable, by the following dates: 

Sixth Form (16+)

15 October 2017

Lower Third (11+)

1 November 2017

Fourth Form (13+)

15 December 2017


Assistant Head (Academic Development): Mrs R Evans,

Academic scholarship candidates will be expected to demonstrate a love of learning and a particular passion for more than one subject area. Academic scholars work hard to broaden and enhance their understanding and extend their knowledge, display persistence in their approach and adopt a ‘have-a-go’ attitude. They display the highest standard of academic integrity at all times and act as a role model to other pupils in terms of their general approach to their studies. Full participation in the academic extension programme is expected.


Head of Art: Mr N Evans,

Art scholars are expected to study art as an academic subject at GCSE and A level, which encompasses art theory, art history and a broad range of different artistic concepts.  They are also expected to make an active contribution to school life and under the guidance of the Head of Art, take an active part in other art events at the School.  Candidates are expected to demonstrate true enthusiasm, passion and commitment for the subject and must display exceptional artistic understanding and awareness of the works they have produced and of those they have studied. 


Head of Department: Mr J Garbett

Drama scholarships are awarded to candidates with potential, ability and an enthusiasm for the discipline. Candidates should be able, through performance, to demonstrate the ability to interpret written material in a dramatic context. They should demonstrate the ability to create and convey character, mood, atmosphere, emotion and narrative with flair and accomplishment.

They should also be able to discuss confidently and with ease the importance of the performing arts and demonstrate an awareness of the skills and qualities required to produce excellent dramatic pieces. They are expected to make a full contribution to extra-curricular drama and study drama as an academic subject at GCSE and A level.


Head of Department: Mr J Ward,

Candidates will be expected to demonstrate outstanding skill and ability in the subject, and an inquisitiveness and enthusiasm for all things designed and made. They are expected to act as subject mentors, to take an active part in school events and other design and technology events under the guidance of the Head of Design and Technology. Design and technology scholars must continue to study the subject at GCSE and A level in order to continue to hold this award.


Director of Music: Mr N Smith

Music scholarships are awarded to candidates with exceptional ability and potential. All candidates are encouraged to make contact with the Director of Music at the earliest opportunity as we are interested in getting to know a candidate ahead of the assessment. They are welcome to bring their own accompanist to the assessments or supply us with copies of the music in advance. Successful candidates may also receive free music tuition on up to three instruments (to include singing), benefit from a programme of support, monitoring and encouragement and also have the guidance of a specialist music tutor.  Music scholars are also expected to make an active and positive contribution to the musical and extra-curricular musical life of the School, both as a soloist and in ensemble work with, for example, choirs, orchestras and productions. There is no requirement to study music at GCSE or A level, though many do.


Director of Sport: Miss L E W Moors

Sport scholars are expected to show considerable natural ability and to have reached a high standard in their sport(s), which would enable them to be considered for selection to a representative team.  They are expected to act as an example to others through their high levels of motivation, commitment and approach to all aspects of school life.

Sport scholarship candidates are expected to demonstrate potential for excellence in at least one of St John’s major sports.  We are looking for enthusiastic individuals who display both talent and good sportsmanship and are particularly looking for players of athletics, cricket, football, hockey, netball, rugby, swimming or tennis but will consider those who show promise in other sports. Successful candidates are expected to uphold the same enthusiasm for their chosen sport across all sports throughout the year. 

There is no requirement for sport scholars to study PE at GCSE and A level, though many do.  Sport scholars must attend the School’s programme for sport scholars.


Assistant Head (Academic Development): Mrs R Evans,

As well as offering a strong academic profile, all-rounder scholarship candidates are expected to be able to demonstrate a high level of endeavour and to be actively involved in an appropriate range of extra-curricular activities. They should be an example to others through their high levels of motivation and their approach to all aspects of school life.
Applicants for all-rounder scholarships are assessed in at least two of the following disciplines: art, design and technology, dance, debating/public speaking, drama, music and sport. Full details of the requirements for each area can be found under the specific subjects’ criteria. In addition, details for dance and debating/public speaking are all follows:


Miss J Glanfield,

Candidates will be expected to demonstrate the ability to deliver a speech confidently.  They should consider both content and style of delivery and should then be expected to answer questions. In addition to this, debating candidates should be able to demonstrate effective powers of rebuttal. 


Director of Sport: Miss L E W Moors

Candidates should display a love of dance and choreography.  They should be an accomplished dancer but also be able to discuss their interpretation of the music and choice of choreography.

Those candidates awarded an all-rounder scholarship with an art and/or design and technology element will be expected to study these subjects at GCSE and A level.  It should also be noted that if an award is offered with a music element, pupils will be expected to be members of the Chapel choir and undertake choral commitments.