My St John's

The Old Johnian Lodge was founded in 1931 and is recognised by United Grand Lodge of England (“UGLE”).  It was set up originally to welcome OJs into Freemasonry, but more recently has opened its doors wider and we now have a membership of circa 40 masons, including many who are old boys of other schools.  We are always keen to welcome new OJs!

The Lodge continues to be a great way to meet other OJs. We meet four times a year at Freemason’s Hall near Covent Garden and have many other social functions besides. We have forged strong links with the Old Boys’ Lodges of Cranleigh and Epsom and a number of us helped the OE Lodge celebrate its centenary last year at Epsom College. 
Recently we held one of our meetings at the School and we are looking to do so again in the next year or so.

We actively support many charities, including the Old Chapel fund for the School and the Royal Marsden Charity.  This year, we are raising funds for Cancer Research UK.

If you are interested in Freemasonry, or would just like to know a bit more about it, please do contact Mark Cooper (Ch ‘90-‘95) or visit the OJ Lodge website.