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This page can be bookmarked in your web browser to provide quick access to the most useful sections of the website for parents.

Latest Updates


  • The Parents’ evening booking link is available below. For any technical queries regarding the appointment system please contact Sally Hunt on
  • Lower Third Parents' Evening booking will open at 6pm Sunday 19 March and close at 11pm Tuesday 21 March.


  • Reports will be published on the Parent Portal early in the Easter holiday and an email will be sent notifying when these are available.
  • Interim reports will be issued for Lower Third and Fourth Form pupils. Full reports will be issued for Upper Fifth and Upper Sixth pupils. There will be no Lower Fifth or Lower Sixth reports due to the recent parents' evenings for those year groups.
  • If you wish to discuss the report please contact your son or daughter’s tutor. For any queries regarding reports please refer to the Report FAQs below.
  • If you have any queries further from the FAQs please contact Sally Hunt via


Parent portal, calendar and dates

If you have a problem accessing the Parent Portal please contact Sally Hunt, the School Administrator:

The Parent Portal provides secure online information for parents and guardians of all current pupils. It provides details of your son or daughter's life at St John's including:

  • Quad-Cast, the weekly electronic newsletter including events and trips
  • School Life menu, including school news and calendar
  • School Profile, including examinations, reports and timetables

Sport and events

Further details on the new Sport section can be found in the sport section FAQ.

You can also get sport and event updates by following @StJohnsSport and @StJSchoolEvents on Twitter.

News and social media

The website has all the latest School news and you can also follow the school on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

St John's Parents' Association

The St John’s Parents’ Association or, as it is more commonly known, the 'SJPA’ is an important part of the St John’s School community. The SJPA organise events throughout the year which are very well attended by staff, parents and pupils.


Report FAQs

Why can I not see my son/daughter’s report?

Reports will be published during the first week of Christmas Holidays and an email sent to inform you when they are available to download.

How do I open my son/daughter’s report?

On the Portal please select the “School Profile” menu, followed by clicking on “View School Reports”. The reports list is split into five columns and to open your son or daughter’s report please go to the right-hand column called "Download" where you can click on the round icon to open the PDF version of the report.

What is my password?

Please click on “I have forgotten my password” which will send you an automatic email to reset your password.

What is my username? Can I change my username?

Please click on “I have forgotten my username” which will send an email to the Admin Office who will contact you with your username or to find out what you would like it changed to.

Why do I get an error saying that I do not have any children linked to my Portal Account?

Occasionally the links on the Portal break. Please email who can resolve this issue for you.

Can I set up a second account for the Parent Portal?

Please email to request details on how to create additional accounts.

My account is disabled or locked out, how can I enable it?

Please email who can enable your account and reset your password if necessary.