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Non-Stop 24hr Quad Run

Boys from North House organised a gruelling 24-hour charity Quad run in aid of The Children’s Trust in the last week of the Summer Term. 
It all began at 1.20 pm on Tuesday 24 June when, in the lunchtime sunshine, tutors and boys from all age groups in the House tightened their shoelaces and made ready for a strong start to the run. The entire House then completed the first five laps as a team, before the House’s relay runners took over. Similarly, at about 1.10 pm the following day, the whole House ran together once more for the final 10 minutes. In the intervening period, the relay runners ran continuously throughout the afternoon, evening and night, cheered by parents, siblings and friends. 
For supporters, an evening barbecue ensured everyone was fed, watered and indeed, for the runners, refuelled. Supporters also had the chance to run laps of the Quad, in return for a donation to The Children’s Trust. Some of the young people from the Trust came to support and, although severely mentally and physically handicapped, they loved cheering on able pupils of a similar age. 
In total, North House ran 1,077 laps of the Quad, equivalent to a staggering 185 miles. The amount raised for the Trust is now over £2,000. 
The Children’s Trust is the UK's leading charity for children with brain injury. As Tanya Richardson, Head of Community Fundraising at the Trust, explained, ‘We rely on fundraising from local supporters to provide rehabilitation to children with acquired brain injury at our national specialist centre in Tadworth, Surrey, helping them make the best recovery possible after a serious accident or illness. Thank you to all the pupils at St John’s School for their fantastic innovation by taking part in a 24-hour Quad Run in aid of The Children’s Trust’.

Published on 25/06/2014

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