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Sponsored Swim

The School’s swimming team participated in a sponsored swim on Saturday 10 May, in a bid to raise funds for the upcoming St John’s Community Holiday.
With an initial target of swimming the distance equal to a journey from Leatherhead to the south coast, Barney and Jemima Lowe, Bruce McCormick and Lotte Senior were in the pool well before the proposed 10am start, racking up 1,000 lengths between them by 10:10am.
With such incredible motivation and enthusiasm and breaking the initial distance barrier after only two hours, the pupils set themselves a new goal… swimming to the coast of France! To achieve such a feat, the team needed to swim a total of 91 miles (equal to 6,400 lengths of the St John’s swimming pool). 
Bruce McCormick, Matt Thomas and team captain Barney Lowe led the way “across the Channel” with pupils aiming to smash personal targets as well as the team goal. Lowe, George Edwards, Annie Grant, Nathasha Cooper and Lauryn Cloughly went on until the very end, with Barney defeating Steven Roberts’ 8.5-mile record of last year by hitting the 9-mile mark. 
McCormick swam 560 lengths and Thomas swam 500 - fantastic resilience from the Fourth Formers. The girls were also exceptional. Lotte Senior, Natasha Cooper, Lauryn Cloughly and Annie Grant all swam 400 lengths, with Olivia Cohen shortly behind on 370. As a team, St John’s swam 7,557.4 lengths / 173.6km / 107.3 miles, more than three times the original goal, showcasing the fantastic camaraderie and determination of those involved. It was a great day all round, with the swimmers’ efforts raising over £1,000 for the St John’s Community Holiday.

Published on 10/05/2014

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