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Leatherhead Drama Festival

St John’s School has been announced as an award winner at the Sir Michael Caine Drama Awards. 

On Tuesday 6 May, the Upper Sixth A2 Drama & Theatre Studies pupils presented their devised piece, ‘Practically Perfect’ at the awards, as part of the 2014 Leatherhead Drama Festival, and received the Junior prize.

Written by the School’s drama teacher Mr Probert, the piece depicted four middle class housewives who appear to have the perfect life, except for the fact that they are all dead. Having committed suicide, they have condemned themselves to replay an exaggerated version of their former lives for eternity.

Caroline Brand, Charlotte Higgs, Katrina Roberts and Gabriella Watts were highly commended for the piece and given a special mention for their performances. The production has also been nominated for the Richard Houghton Award for outstanding contribution to the festival.

Mr Probert said, “The cycles of indulgence and exercise, inconsequential chatter and enforced conformity all performed with rictus smiles would repeat endlessly if the reality of the horror of their true situation didn’t keep breaking through. Caz, Charlie, Kat and Gabby played the choreographed expressive sequences with skill and precision and the moments of naturalism with touching subtly.”

The festival, which is in its 11th year, is one of the biggest amateur drama festivals in the UK, and attracts hundreds of people from across the Mole Valley and further afield. Academy Award winner Sir Michael Caine is the patron of the festival, and lends his name to the coveted Sir Michael Caine Drama Awards.

The cast also performed their winning production at the Festival’s Gala Night on Saturday 17 May, to a packed theatre. Congratulations to the girls for their exceptional performance.

Published on 06/05/2014

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