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Shamwari Expedition 2014

Lower Sixth pupils recently returned from their two-week conservation trip to Shamwari, South Africa.  Naturally, the trip exceeded all expectations, and with the opportunity to work in one of the premier conservation areas in the world, pupils returned with life-long memories and countless stories to share.

The annual trip to the Eastern Cape offers both insight into and hands-on experience in the spheres of wildlife conservation. From fence clearing to assisting with a lioness in the Born Free centre, the pupils saw first-hand all aspects of what conservation really involves, and heard about the trials and tribulations of protecting endangered species. Firmly etched in the memory of all the pupils will be learning about the horrors of rhino poaching across Africa. On the back of this, pupils had the chance to observe and assist with the microchipping of a black rhino firsthand – certainly one for the bucket list -, gaining a glimpse of how conservation is constantly developing. 

When the group were not working on the reserve, the boys and girls of St John’s spent time helping in local communities, or taking part in exciting pastimes such as sand-dune boarding and elephant-back riding.

Whilst fun and thrills were plentiful, there was always something new to discover. Pupils had countless opportunities to learn about how different the lives of others can be, and returned with an understanding and appreciation of how both fragile but magnificent the animal world is.

Published on 20/04/2014

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