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Visit from Professor Grayling

A C Grayling on A J Ayer

The Religious Studies Department was delighted to welcome Professor A C Grayling to speak to their Upper Sixth pupils on Wednesday 12 March. As part of their A2 course, pupils look at the philosophical thoughts of A J Ayer.  Grayling, who was taught by Ayer at Oxford, entertained the pupils with anecdotal stories about Ayer, as well as sharing his views on Ayer’s philosophical thinking.


Part of Ayer’s classic book Language, Truth and Logic provides one of the sources for study at A2. It was a rare privilege, therefore, to listen to Professor Grayling present his thoughts on the book and on Ayer as a man. “He spoke about other great philosophical themes with remarkable clarity and infectious passion,” said Mr Gary Wade, Head of Religious Studies. “But, above all, he was enormously generous to the pupils in terms of their questions and his time. He is a warm and humane man and this was evident in how the pupils responded to him.” The pupils were characteristically courteous and thanked him for his visit. One student commented, ‘What a great afternoon’, which was fitting praise indeed for a man so urbane and modest, who is one of the most famous public intellectuals of our time.

Published on 24/03/2014

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