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New Science Centre

Exciting plans for a new Science Centre represent a significant step forward for the School. The growing popularity of the sciences at St John’s and the greater emphasis on practical science means that more purpose-built laboratories are required. Planning permission has been granted, with the works due for completion in 2015. The building which currently occupies the proposed site of the new Science Centre houses three biology laboratories, whereas the new building will provide eight in total, four for each of biology and chemistry. 

It is the School’s aim to equip the laboratories for the study of science in the twenty-first century. The principal themes informing the new building are innovation, integration, partnership and a care for the environment. 

Commenting on the plans, Headmaster Mr Martin Collier said, “Innovation in learning is the key to the success of the Science Centre. We want our pupils to explore science, to gain a lifelong interest and to learn through observation and experimentation. This will be best achieved on a daily basis through the imaginative design of the laboratories and project space. The sciences are intrinsically creative disciplines: the buildings are designed in such a way to enable pupil flow and facilitate the range of activities that are so central to scientific discovery.” 

Published on 12/03/2014

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