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Pancake Race

Shrove Tuesday’s pancake race was once again hotly contested between the houses this year, as each house strove to surpass the others in terms of speed on foot and skill with a frying pan.

Spirits were high among both those who were running and fellow housemates shouting words of encouragement as they watched. The proper conduct of the race, as always though, was taken very seriously and the rules were rigorously enforced: at St John’s, not flipping a pancake at the right point, or indeed losing a pancake altogether between start and finish, are considered heinous offences and, when they happened, naturally led to instant disqualification.


The results from the 2014 Great Annual Pancake Race were as follows: 


1st place: West 
2nd place: South 
3rd place: Haslewood 


1st place: Surrey 
2nd place: East 
3rd place: North 


1st place: East 
2nd place: Monty 
3rd place: South 

The overall winners of the competition were East House, who take home the trophy this year. Congratulations to everyone who took part.

Published on 06/03/2014

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