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Evensong in Egham

On the afternoon of Thursday 23 January, the Schola Cantorum of St John's School journeyed north (though not too far north) to join forces with the Chapel choir of Royal Holloway for the purpose of singing the office of choral evensong. Sung daily in many cathedrals and churches up and down the country, the service is familiar to devotees of choral music and is a service sung termly at St John's. It was a great privilege to sing with such a prestigious and world-famous choir, who record regularly for the popular classical label 'Hyperion'. Twelve pupils involved learned a great deal about the nuances of ensemble singing. Before the full choir rehearsal at 5pm, the choir's vibrant director of music, Rupert Gough, gave an inspiring talk on the life of a university choir of such repute and gave the Schola a brief master class. Together, the choirs sang John Ireland's Evening Service in F and Mendelssohn's 'There shall a star' from his unfinished oratorio Christus.

St John's hopes to forge deeper links with this great college, a constituent member of London University, not least for the benefit of encouraging and nurturing the great choral tradition of which St John's is already justly proud.

Published on 23/01/2014

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