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Roentgenium Award Winner

In August it was announced that St John’s pupils have been highly successful in the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge. This competition, sponsored by the University of Cambridge, aims to offer aspiring young scientists first-class preparation for the full International Chemistry Olympiad.

This year, four Lower Sixth pupils entered the Challenge, which took place in June. The examiners commented on the resilience of our pupils who sat the paper, designed to test the very brightest. They also applauded the pupils for "keeping going" in the face of difficulty when tacking challenging questions.

In the results, published last month, Edward Grove (Churchill) was placed in the top 0.8% of all entries, achieving a Roentgenium award. Louis Brandon (North) and Rhianna Miller (Haslewood) gained a silver award, which placed them in the top 14.4% of all entries and Katrina Aird (South) was placed in the top 35.7% of entries, earning a copper award.

The achievement by Edward Grove is remarkable. Along with all the other Roentgenium award winners, he has been invited to a reception to be held at the Royal Society on Monday 17 November. Crystal trophies will be awarded to students and their teachers

Published on 12/09/2014

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