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Archaeological Dig

On Thursday 18 September, five Upper Sixth history pupils took part in an archaeological dig at Woking Palace. 

The royal manor house has a long illustrious history and in 1503 Henry VII transformed it into a royal palace.  It was frequently visited by Henry VII and his son Henry VIII and, having learnt about the Tudor period for AS level history, pupils were fascinated by the fact that Henry VII and Maximilian of Austria signed a pact against France at the palace. The day was spent doing trench work in areas thought to be outer lodgings and the stables as well learning about the history of the palace. 

The visit taught the pupils much, including a great deal about the diet of the nobility and aristocracy of the late 15th and early 16th centuries, as lots of oyster shells were uncovered, along with the jaw of a wild boar.  The find of the day, however, goes to Alex Slater, who uncovered an impressive-sized clothes pin. This was an enjoyable day out doing active field work and the School would like to thank The Friends of Woking Palace and Surrey County Council Archaeological Department for hosting the event.

Published on 18/09/2014

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