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Success in the Fast Lane

Last December we reported on the success of one of our pupils in the world of youth go-karting. Since then, Kyle Jackson (Upper Fifth, East House) has progressed in leaps and bounds in competitive karting. This year, while taking part in championships run by Daytona at both regional and national level, he has finished consistently among the fastest three drivers in his class in every round.

Kyle has, in fact, taken part in two types of competitions, depending on the type of go-kart being driven: either InKart or DMAX karts. In the case of the DMAX karts, what is exceptional in Kyle’s case is the age at which he is taking part. Being just 15 years old, he is the youngest competitor in any DMAX championships. Under normal circumstances Daytona do not allow anyone to take part in a DMAX championship before the age of 16. Yet in Kyle’s case they judged that he was sufficiently practised and skilled that they were confident they could waive their normal age rule. He raced in the DMAX series in Surrey and in Lincolnshire this year as well as in the national DMAX championships. His ambition is to enter the full championship in 2015 and win a trophy as an exceptionally young driver.

Published on 17/10/2014

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