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A Formula-One Future?

The preconceived notion of sporting talent in a public school is scoring a century in a cricket match or charging down a rugby pitch to score a winning try. While both these feats always meet with approval, at St John’s there are many pupils who can boast less typical sporting achievements. One such pupil is Kyle Jackson (Lower Fifth, East House), a rising star in the world of go-kart racing.  Kyle has now just completed his most successful season on the track, having twice this year won a podium in an A Final.

Kyle first took up karting in 2007, initially as a recreational hobby that combined speed and skill in a way he found appealing. He soon found life in the fast lane exhilarating. In 2010, at the age of 12, he completed a thorough driver-training programme at Daytona Sandown Park in Esher. This enabled him to enter the Mercedes-Benz Daytona InKart championship in November 2010, giving him his first experience of competitive racing, in which he finished with a respectable 118 points. Year by year he improved his personal performance in competitions until, in April of this year, he won his first ever trophy. His performance in the latest regional championships, too, in which he finished in eighth place with a total of 1 419 points, was another milestone in his personal best achievements.

And Kyle’s ambition? Long term, he aspires to a career in motor sport, but he is no dreamer: he has not singled out being a racing driver as the only possibility. He is equally attracted to the opportunities that exist in motor-racing mechanics, or in the organisational sphere of motor sports.

In the meantime, Kyle has already started planning for future seasons. He recently tried the 320 cc karts that are capable of 65mph. Also, in July, he drove for the first time two-stroke DMAX karts, the best rental karts in the country, reaching a speed of 75mph. 2014 is to be Kyle’s last year racing in the junior championships, before he progresses to a DMAX championship in 2015. In preparation, he intends to practise driving the DMAX karts more often in the coming months, while still competing in the junior championships.

Published on 30/12/2013

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