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St John’s pupils head to Downing Street

On Friday 14 November, 15 St John’s pupils were surprised with a visit to 10 Downing Street and a tour of the Cabinet Office, as part of their politics field trip.

As pupils walked past tourists into the iconic street, Cabinet Office staff announced that pupils would be allowed inside Number 10. There was a crackle of excitement as the pupils sat around the cabinet table, sitting in the very seats that Churchill, Thatcher, Blair and Cameron have sat in, and where over 300 years of the country’s important decisions have been made.

The group was initially in London to take part in the Cabinet Office Spending Challenge, held at Admiralty House. This prestigious event held gave pupils the opportunity to learn more about the role of the cabinet right at the heart of government.

During the challenge, pupils played the roles of the different cabinet ministers aiming to negotiate a budget with the chancellor and the treasury team, attempting to balance the budget whilst defending their spending plans. It was an exciting opportunity to work alongside senior Cabinet Office staff in such a historic venue and one in which all the pupils excelled in what were often difficult negotiations. 

It was an incredibly exciting day for St John’s pupils, learning about the workings of government in the splendour of such historic surroundings, and walking in the footsteps of political giants.

Published on 18/11/2014

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