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Chloe’s Come-Back

One of the Lower Fifth girls has just been crowned regional gymnastics champion for her age group. At the end of November, Chloe Carter (Haslewood House) took part in the 13+ age section of the London Gymnastics GfA (Gymnastics for All) competition, held in Redbridge, coming first overall in the floor and vault competition.

The procedure for a gymnastics competition is exacting, requiring competitors to include a list of prescribed movements in their routine. Beyond this, participants are free to add their own dance elements to link the technical movements into a pattern to fit the music. Here, they have the opportunity to show imagination in the planning, but on the day their execution must be done with clockwork precision in order to keep a high score.

The preparation for this event took place over the preceding two months. The intensity of the training meant that Chloe could only do two to three hours of training a week, as her coach insisted that adequate rest was necessary. During half term, however, Chloe attended a one-day camp where she did eight hours of non-stop training. 

Chloe has been an aspiring gymnast for some years and at a young age was singled out by her club as a potential future competitor at Olympic level. Shortly after this, though, Chloe had to take a break from the sport because of an injury sustained during training. These regional championships mark her successful return to competitive gymnastics since her recovery and the School is delighted to see that she is now back on course for further achievements. 

Published on 04/12/2014

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