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CCF Promotions and Awards

A number of cadets in the St John’s School CCF Army section have been awarded promotions, in acknowledgement of a very busy and successful Autumn Term.

Cadets Katie Aird, Craig Millar and Jack Neale have been promoted to the rank of colour sergeant. Max Collins and Sam Benedict have been promoted to sergeant, for their achievements during the autumn Field Day and Remembrance Day services. During the School’s annual Service of Remembrance, they took charge of the ceremonial drill team to form a guard of honour for the war memorial.

James Long and William Genzel (both promoted to company sergeant major) carried the CCF’s new banners for the first time during the service.

In the School’s Royal Navy section, Ed Hedger has been promoted to coxswain.

Several cadets have also been commended for passing the Method of Instruction (MOI) Cadre, an award for the effective instruction of younger cadets. The MOI Cadre is an essential step to becoming an NCO (non-commissioned officer), where pupils in the Lower Sixth gain practical leadership experience. The cadets who have passed the Cadre can now instruct the Lower Fifth in various lessons and will be instrumental in delivering the training package. 

Congratulations to Sophie Evans, Lize Vogel, Molly Kavanagh, Isabelle Veazey, Tom Wall, Aidan Forest-Brown, Tom Serfozo and Oscar Pearce. who all completed and passed the Method of Instruction Cadre.

Published on 04/12/2014

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