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A New Charter for St John’s

This week, School Captains Tom Gardner and Holly Lafferty joined Governor Mr Anthony Airey (OJ) on a visit to the Crown Office at the House of Lords to collect the School’s newly sealed Royal Charter.

Mr Airey has led a team of Governors including Peter Thorne (OJ) and Sarah Dickinson in the updating of the School’s Charter and By Laws – a process which has taken over two years to complete. Originally written in 1922 and updated in the eighties, the new Charter was recently approved by Her Majesty the Queen in Privy Council. 

The group collecting the new sealed document was delighted to be given a tour of the Palace of Westminster including the ornately decorated House of Lords chamber. They visited many of the beautiful rooms, libraries and galleries not normally open to the public, saw the sealing room where the printed vellum sheets are entwined with the unbreakable Great Seal of the Realm, and saw the arrival of the ceremonial mace in procession to the House of Commons in time for Prime Minister’s Questions. 

Headmaster Martin Collier said: “The approval of the new Charter by Her Majesty the Queen in Privy Council was a historic moment for St John’s. The updating of the School’s Charter involved a huge amount of work and we are very grateful indeed to Mr Airey and his team of Governors for their time and efforts. The Charter and Great Seal are beautifully presented and we look forward to placing both on display in due course.”

The new Charter will be securely stored, but the School aims to have it on display at the next exhibition of its archives.

Published on 09/01/2015

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