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Assembly on Churchill

Last month marked the 50th anniversary of Winston Churchill’s death. It was fitting, then, that the weekly full-school assembly on Monday 26 January, precisely 50 years and two days after his death, should focus on the great leader.

The Headmaster began by describing the public attention surrounding the state funeral Churchill was granted, which saw its 50th anniversary that coming Friday.  His talk then turned to Churchill’s life: his lack of work at Harrow, his adventurous early life and his chequered first few years in politics, before turning attention to Churchill’s opposition to the rise of Nazism in Europe. It was in the face of this barbaric threat that Churchill’s political mettle and determination finally began to show. The Headmaster emphasised the importance of a key moment in history, a brave decision without which today’s world would have been very different, namely Churchill’s refusal to negotiate with Hitler’s Germany and his choice to continue fighting. 

At St John’s, the topics of school assemblies are often a chance for pupils to reflect upon the world around them. This one was a particularly instructive start to the week for pupils. Its full text can be read here.

Published on 04/02/2015

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