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Orchestral Play Day for Preparatory Schools

The School's annual prep school orchestral play day was the most successful yet, with a record number of schools and pupils attending the event on Thursday 29 January. Pupils attended from a number of prep schools across the south east, including Aberdour, Downsend, Feltonfleet and Ripley Court. St Andrew's School in Woking took to Twitter to speak of its excitement for the occasion, posting "It's the St John's Orchestral Play Day! Our children are very excited. #music @StJohnsSurrey".

With 165 visiting young musicians crammed into the Performing Arts Centre, the place was awash with developing talent. In the space of one afternoon, substantial orchestral repertoire was learned by the pupils, and performed to their parents and peers. One of the pieces was a popular classic arrangement by St John's music teacher Christopher Mortlock. The piece pushed the musicians to their limit and gave them a flavour of what real orchestral music can sound like. 

Their performance was a resounding success and everyone performed to the very best of their ability. Many tired young preparatory-school musicians departed St John's a little wiser as to what it is to perform large-scale ensemble music, but all had the glow of satisfaction of a job well done and were looking forward to another trip to St John's. 

Published on 04/02/2015

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