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Great Annual Pancake Race 2015

Pupils at St John’s welcomed the arrival (almost) of Lent this year with the furore of the 2015 Great Annual Pancake Race. The festivities took place on Tuesday 10 February, in honour of Shrove Tuesday taking place the following week, during half term.

With the focus on the speed and skill of their peers, excited pupils crowded around the Quad to spectate, speculate and support, in the hope that their house would be crowned victor and earn the right to receive the much-coveted trophy.

The event was not without controversy or error. Pancakes were flopped instead of flipped and those who did not cross the finish line with the said pancake in the designated frying pan were disqualified. Another, unrelated, incident at the start of the junior race meant that Churchill was at that point summarily eliminated.

The esteemed trophy was eventually awarded to Surrey House, who placed second in the senior race and first in the junior battle. West and Monty took overall second and third place respectively.

Full results:


1.    Monty 
2.    Surrey 
3.    Gloucester


1.    West 
2.    East
3.    North 


1.    Surrey 
2.    Churchill
3.    West

Congratulations to Surrey, and well done to everyone who took part in the flipping.

Published on 11/02/2015

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