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House Cross-Country

During the Spring Term, the spirit of friendly rivalry that typifies the houses usually reaches a peak at the interhouse cross-country, as nearly every pupil is involved in running the course for the house they belong to. Tuesday 10 March was no exception. In the early afternoon, blessed with one of the warmest and sunniest days of the year so far, the whole school headed up to the cross-country course for the annual race. All pupils compete and despite initial apprehension from some, the atmosphere and camaraderie amongst them was excellent.

All six races were of a high standard, but two individual performances of special note were the winners of the junior girls’ and the senior boys’ sections.

Despite the fact that the junior girls set off almost four minutes after the start of the senior girls’ race and two minutes after the start of the intermediate race, it was a junior who was the first girl home. This means that Emily Roe (Fourth Form, South House) would have won all three age-group races – a truly excellent achievement.

James Harvey (Upper Sixth, West House) managed to secure his fifth victory during his time at St John’s, having won the race each year since he started in the Fourth Form. This was an especially pleasing win for James as he has been injured for much of the season.

Below is a summary of the winning houses in each section:

Junior Boys

1.    West House 
2.    Surrey House

Junior Girls

1.    Gloucester House

Intermediate Boys

1.    Surrey House
2.    East House

Intermediate Girls

1.    South House

Senior Boys

1.    West House 
2.    Montgomery House

Senior Girls

1.    South House

Boys’ Houses Overall

1.    West House 
2.    Montgomery House

Girls’ Houses Overall

1.    South House

Published on 13/03/2015

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