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Rosslyn Park Sevens

In the last two days of the Spring Term, the St John’s U16 rugby team headed into the toughest of all competitions, having already worked hard to develop their form by taking part in two quite demanding tournaments in preparation. 

On the first day, the U16 team won the group stage convincingly. After winning the first round by default following a no-show by an opposition team, a series of competently executed victories ensued against Sedbergh (15-10), Haileybury (42-0) and Cardiff High School (38-7). The win against Sedbergh was especially significant, as they are recognised as one of the top rugby schools nationally.

To win as much as a group stage at Rosslyn Park is already an accomplishment in itself; then to proceed to being a potential contender for the title on day two presents a still greater challenge. Yet even then the team managed two further victories when they despatched Eltham College (26-0) and Clifton College 21-19, proceeding to the quarterfinals to face Eton. 

Of the 160 sides that entered the U16 tournament this year, St John’s was one of the last eight left standing. The team lost only to eventual finalists Eton, who were defeated by the winners of the tournament by the narrowest of margins. This is a most commendable achievement by the School’s rugby players and a most satisfying way of finishing the season. 

Published on 30/03/2015

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