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Science Centre: Progress Report

As we get into the full swing of the Summer Term, St John’s is busier than ever. Most noticeably, our brand new Science Centre is edging ever closer to completion.

Due to open in the Autumn term as a state-of-the-art group of laboratories, the precast concrete structure of the building is now standing. The roof slab has now been cast and finished, and the crane that has loomed over the School in recent months will be removed at the beginning of May.

During half term, a ground-floor link into the existing science area will be created, with the aim of getting the building watertight within the next six weeks.

The high-tech and high-spec building will provide the School with eight new science labs for chemistry and biology, alongside a phased refurbishment of the physics area within the existing classroom building.

The building has been innovatively designed to engage and stimulate pupils motivating them to explore the sciences through experimentation, study, research and discussion. Dr Paul Reilly, Head of Science, commented “the new Science Centre will be fantastic and will help us inspire the next generation of scientists at St John’s.”

Science teachers are very excited by the prospect of ‘moving in’ at the end of summer holidays, and we look forward to establishing St John’s as a future-thinking centre of excellence in science.


Published on 30/04/2015

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