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National Poetry Success

St John’s pupils have once again excelled on the academic stage, with the School being announced as third prize winner in last year’s nationwide poetry competition, “The Poetry Games”.

Run by Young Writers, the competition aims to promote poetry and creative writing in schools around the country. “The Poetry Games” offers both regional and national prizes, as well as the chance to be entered into the Young Writers annual anthology.

Sixth Form pupils from the St John’s creative writing club entered the competition, alongside junior pupils. The anthology, also entitled The Poetry Games, published 14 of the School’s poems on a variety of subjects, from modernity to the passing of time, to school inspections and teachers.

The School’s prize, a cheque for £250, will go towards English literature at St John’s. Pupils will be entering the 2015 competition in a few weeks’ time, where they will be chasing the coveted first prize. 

Director of Teaching and Learning Charlotte Hughes commented, “We are delighted to hear that St John’s has won third prize overall in this competition, beating many other pupils and schools across the whole country. It is a testament to the passion and academic strength of our pupils, and we look forward to seeing how they fare in the next competition.”

The following pupils gained a place in the anthology:

Mathew Chalmers (Upper Sixth, North House) – Gaia 
Tom Fleming (Upper Sixth, North House) - Alekhine’s Gun 
Alastair Fleming (Upper Fifth, North House) – The Time of Cricket 
Ed Hayter (Upper Fifth, Surrey House) – How Quickly Things Can Change
Joshua Geddes (Upper Fifth, West House) – Mr Johnston-Jones 
George Barrass (Upper Fifth, Churchill House) – Eagle 
Jade Simpkin (Upper Fifth, South House) – Time 
Kyle Jackson (Upper Fifth, East House) – Sleep 
James Hughes (Upper Fifth, Churchill House) – Inspection Day 
Jordan Cox (Upper Fifth, South House) – Broken Rainbow of Sin 
Shaliya Patel (Upper Fifth, Haslewood House) – The Modern Monster 
Hannah Chantler (Upper Fifth, Haslewood House) – The Unwanted Journey 
Josie Davies (Upper Sixth, Haslewood House) – Fine 
Jack Perry (Upper Fifth, West House) – War 

Published on 15/05/2015

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