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Fourth Form Spelling Bee

The Fourth Form’s finest spellers congregated in the Old Chapel on Wednesday 20 May, for the hotly contested junior house spelling bee.

Having previously tested their skills in classroom competitions, each house put forward a team of four pupils to compete in two separate rounds. Houses first selected a single pupil to attempt the spelling of a word, before moving onto a quick-fire round in which all four pupils had to spell correctly as many words as possible, within a two-minute time limit.

Houses could opt for the level of difficulty of the words, with easy, medium and hard words equating to 1, 2 and 3 points per word respectively. The majority of houses plumped for medium words and battled their way through villainous vocabulary such as ‘mischievous’, ‘yacht’ and ‘ embarrassing’. 

In a closely fought contest, Surrey House claimed the coveted giant bumble bee trophy, as well as the lion’s share of house points for the spelling bee. 

With the 2014-15 academic year drawing to a close, house competitions are becoming increasingly fierce, with houses jostling for every available house point. Although only a handful of house competitions remain, the victor of the House Cup at this point in the year, is anyone’s guess…

Published on 27/05/2015

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