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Junior Play: The Grimm Tales

On Monday 15 and Tuesday 16 June, Fourth Form and Lower Fifth pupils performed a brand new, devised adaptation of The Grimm Tales within the School’s grounds, corridors and the Old Chapel. 

The audience were treated to a truly unique experience, where they interacted with a host of crazy, cackling and madcap characters. A fairground setting featuring stalls, games, fortune telling and some impressive juggling from James Gardner (Fourth Form, Montgomery House) awaited audience members as they arrived at St John’s, before they were whisked through candle-lit corridors, barely escaping three hungry witches. The moving performance then made its way into the Old Chapel, where pupils performed three of Grimm’s best-loved tales with imagination and gusto.        

The pupils excelled, working exceptionally hard to create a stunning production to leave staff, parents and pupils buzzing.

Rhianna Hyde (Lower Fifth, South House), Izzy Galloway (Lower Fifth, Gloucester House) and Carolina Bond (Lower Fifth, South House) were outstanding as the witches, cackling menacingly over their bubbling cauldron. Emilia Bindi (Fourth Form, Gloucester House) and Olly Bell (Lower Fifth, Surrey House) created the poor but plucky Hansel and Gretel with absolute credibility, while Issy Hammersely’s (Lower Fifth, Haslewood House) shrills from the gruesome witch who got cooked in her oven were both great and ghastly. 

Libby Thornton (Fourth Form, Haslewood House) was magnificent as the mistreated Ashputtel. She worked exceptionally well alongside her dashing prince Max Simpson (Fourth Form, West House) and her grotesquely comic ugly sisters and stepmother, played with skill and superb comic timing by Stella Jones (Lower Fifth, South House), Laurence Deakin (Lower Fifth, West House) and Hector Keighly-Elstub (Lower Fifth, East House). 

Harry Edwards (Lower Fifth, Surrey House) led the “four brothers” through a gripping tale of survival and stunned the audience with an impressive demonstration of daring martial arts before Olly Gordon (Lower Fifth, Churchill House) fearlessly slayed the dragon. A special mention also goes to Charlie Joyce (Lower Fifth, West House) and Lir Afiq (Lower Fifth, West House) for their fantastic organisation and technical know-how.

Katharine Hurst, Teacher of Drama and organiser of the junior school play, said, “Everyone deserves a mention as the cast were truly fantastic, performing with endless energy and flair. We would thank everyone for their support and attendance and look forward to the next exciting series of shows next academic year.”

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Published on 23/06/2015

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