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Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015

Following on from last year’s success, St John’s once again performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August, debuting an original piece of devised theatre entitled Skins for Sale.

The play used physical theatre to explore the idea of desire; focussing on one man who sacrifices everything to unlock a mysterious door. Preparations began back in October 2014 with Alice Taylor-Peat (Upper Sixth, Gloucester) coordinating the bookings of the venue and the accommodation. Josie Davies (Upper Sixth, Haslewood) directed the performance, assisted by Mr Garbett.

Innovative flyering techniques on the Royal Mile The cast met up again at the start of August for the final few days of rehearsal before travelling up to Edinburgh on the 6 August, accompanied by Mr Mortell, Miss Jones, Mr Fowler and Miss Waheed. Before the cast could perform their piece, they needed to attract an audience to perform for! Innovative flyering techniques drew a lot of attention on the Royal Mile and ensured a good audience for every show.

Response was unanimously positive, with audiences praising the piece’s creativity and “captivating movement.” Many commented on the dark nature of the performance, highlighting its power in making the audience think deeply about the issues raised.

Alongside performing, the cast attended a variety of world-class performances from all over the globe, including the incredible Australian act, Circa, and the ever-popular improvised musical team Baby Wants Candy. The performances are sure to inspire the creativity of the cast in years to come.

Published on 02/09/2015

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