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Outstanding Musical Achievements

Our musicians work hard throughout the year to enchant us with exemplary performances time and time again, and it is wonderful to see that they have been rewarded for their efforts.

After attending the Eton Choral Course in Durham during the summer, Alice Bloomfield (Upper Sixth, Gloucester) has since been asked to join the Rodolfus Choir, directed by Ralph Allwood. This is a huge achievement and a great start to this important musical year.

At the end of the 2015 Summer Term, a number of pupils took external instrumental and singing examinations, and we are thrilled that so many have achieved the grades they were hoping for. Yvette Murphy (Lower Fifth, Haslewood) gained a distinction in her grade 8 clarinet exam, whilst André Sanderson (Upper Fifth, Churchill) was rewarded with a merit for his grade 7, as well as a grade 5 for singing. Also on clarinet, Richard Kenyon (Lower Fifth, West) and Esme McHugh (Lower Fifth, South) achieved grade 6. Ellie Grove (Upper Fifth, Gloucester) achieved grade 5 on the flute.

Arthur Lewis (Lower Fifth, Churchill) received his grade 6 certificate for the trombone, while singers Ben Harries (Upper Fifth, Monty) and Sophie Mosselmans (Lower Fifth, Gloucester) achieved a grade 5 for singing.

Quite a collection of grade 4 and grade 3 certificates were also handed out to pupils. Congratulations to Joseph Duncan (Lower Fifth, Churchill) and Sanne Senior (Lower Fifth, Gloucester) who both gained a grade 4 on the jazz alto saxophone, and to Angus Lonsdale (Upper Fifth, Monty) who scooped a grade 3 on the alto sax. Hollie Ford (Lower Fifth, Gloucester) was awarded a grade 4 for singing and Hugo Carpenter (Lower Fifth, Surrey) and Genevieve Loewenthal (Upper Sixth, Gloucester) were rewarded with grade 3 certificates for their efforts on the flute.

Three pupils also took Trinity Guildhall examinations, and we congratulate Edmund Bishop (Lower Sixth, North) for achieving grade 6 for the trumpet, as well as singers Millie Bowles (Lower Sixth, Haslewood) and India Tonnesen (Lower Fifth, Haslewood) for their grade 6 and grade 5 respectively.

Published on 14/09/2015

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