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‘Stop the War’ politics visit

On Wednesday 14 October, the St John’s Politics Society welcomed Lindsey German, national convenor of the Stop the War coalition, to speak at the School.

Established in 2001 to oppose the war in Afghanistan, and later Iraq, Lindsey was involved in the setting up of the coalition, and the organisation of Britain’s largest ever demonstration in 2003.

Lindsey German speaking at the SchoolDuring the talk, Lindsey explained the coalition’s opposition to western intervention in the Middle East, from Afghanistan immediately after 9/11 to most recently in Syria. She also argued that former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s decision to commit troops to the war in Iraq was both illegal and had made the region significantly more unstable.

St John’s pupils posed a number of challenging questions to Lindsey, including asserting the right of the US to defend itself in the aftermath of the 2001 attacks and exploring the alternatives to military action in order to tackle ISIS.

The talk was well received and is part of a series hosted by the politics society that ends this term with a visit by Conservative MP and cabinet minister Chris Grayling on Friday 20 November.

Published on 15/10/2015

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