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Geographers Let Loose

Geography pupils at St John’s have been treated to a plethora of co-curricular activity in recent weeks, with field trips to the seaside and London Zoo.

The School’s Lower Fifth geographers ventured to West Wittering beach on Wednesday 7 October, to undertake a number of coastal investigations. They looked at the management of the beach, completing a beach profile and a sand dune succession study, in preparation for their IGCSE examination next summer. Despite the autumnal weather, the pupils had a great day out at the beautiful location, and successfully honed their field-working skills.

On Thursday 15 October, 30 Fourth Formers spent the day at London Zoo as part of the School’s annual Enrichment Day, whereby pupils from all year groups explore museums, galleries and cathedrals across the country, as well as taking part in on-site training for various activities.

The pupils had spent recent geography lessons learning about extreme environments and how plants, animals and people living in such places have adapted, as well as some of the issues that threaten them in such environments. London Zoo offered the opportunity to look at the different world biomes and the animals that live in them, and pupils concentrated on looking at the adaptations of the zoo’s animals to various environments. They also studied the animals that are endangered and considered a number of reasons why certain species have become endangered.

On their return from a relaxing half term break, Lower Sixth geographers got back into the swing of things with a visit to Juniper Hall, Field Study Centre. There they investigated downstream changes in the River Tillingbourne for their skills examination in the summer.

The School’s geographical society has also attended a series of lectures held by the Guildford Geographical Association this term, enjoying lectures for university professors on topics ranging from tectonics to HIV and AIDS.

Harriet Glass, Head of Geography at St John’s, commented: ‘Geography is indispensable to the understanding of the modern world. Getting out and about is the best way to understand geography and pupils benefit hugely from the range of field trips run throughout the school year.’

Published on 05/11/2015

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