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Junior School Play

On Monday 20 and Tuesday 21 June, the School’s Fourth Form and Lower Fifth pupils wowed audiences with a brilliant production of ‘The Tales of Beedle the Bard’, a collection of stories ‘for young witches and wizards’ spun from the Harry Potter series.

The play was adapted using the style of traditional English Mummer’s plays, which would see members of the local community gather together in a celebratory festival at key times of year to sing, dance and perform. As such, the St John’s Quad was transformed using hay bales, bunting and ivy to create a rustic and distinctive performance area.

Performers welcomed their audiences with beautiful choral melodies carefully arranged by Miss Palette and Mr Bland. Each story was told with great enthusiasm and verve, and the pupils worked excellently as an ensemble to deliver the humour of the piece. After the interval, the audience were given black cloaks and led into the dark and foreboding atmosphere of the School’s Performing Arts Centre. Here, they were chilled by a vision of Death who stalked the stage whilst the masked chorus looked on from the theatre balcony, with just their faces lit by candlelight.

One parent commented: “My friend and I attended with our daughters who are currently at Bramley School and are hoping to join St John’s next year. They thoroughly enjoyed it and are even keener (if that’s possible) to come to St John’s!”

The cast worked together outstandingly as a team, and the School’s thanks go to Miss Palette and Miss Dalton for helping them to deliver such a charismatic performance. We look forward with great anticipation to what these talented pupils can achieve in the future.

Further images are available in the Junior School Play photo gallery.

Published on 23/06/2016

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