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St John’s music makes the grade

A number of St John’s pupils have been rewarded for their musical endeavours, achieving some exceptional results in external examinations.

The all-round nature of a St John’s education allows our pupils to excel in sport, drama and music, as well as in the classroom. Many of our pupils take individual music lessons, and we are delighted that so many of them have achieved certificates in examinations taken in the 2016 Summer Term.

Pupils were examined in a number of musical disciplines and instruments, from the clarinet and oboe to singing and playing the piano. Boys and girls were awarded as follows:

  • Eleanor Bullen (Lower Fifth, Haslewood): Grade 2, singing
  • Edward Beech (Upper Fifth, Churchill): Grade 5, singing
  • Robert Butler (Lower Fifth, East): Grade 5, singing (passed with merit)
  • Hollie Ford (Upper Fifth, Gloucester): Grade 5, tenor sax
  • Eleanor Holley (Lower Sixth, Gloucester): Grade 5, oboe
  • Luke Read (Lower Fifth, East): Grade 5, oboe
  • Kiran Coulter (Lower Fifth, West): Grade 6, piano
  • Pearce Coulter (Lower Fifth, West): Grade 6, alto sax
  • Alexander Semple (Upper Fifth, Churchill): Grade 6, singing (passed with distinction)
  • Sophie Mosselmans (Upper Fifth, Gloucester): Grade 6, singing
  • Daniel Craig (Upper Fifth, West): Grade 6, drum kit (passed with merit)
  • Esme McHugh (Upper Fifth, South): Grade 7, clarinet
  • James Perkins (Lower Fifth, East): Grade 7, clarinet

In addition to these achievements, Joshua Geddes has been awarded a diploma on the piano from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, and Charlotte Coe sang to critical acclaim with the Youth East Surrey Operatic Society at the Harlequin Theatre in Redhill. Nick Smith, Director of Music commented: “Our musicians work extremely hard throughout the year outside of the classroom to give exemplary performances time and time again, and it is wonderful to see that they have been rewarded for their efforts.”

Published on 19/09/2016

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