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Pedalling to the podium

St John’s pupils work hard to excel both in the classroom and otherwise; sport, music and drama are all on the agenda. However, some pupils take this to a new level, and compete outside the realms of mainstream activities.

Henrik Jensen (Upper Sixth, Monty) and Jack Davies (Upper Sixth, West) have triumphed in the latest Pedal Hounds mountain bike endure race, competing against adult competitors and sponsored riders.

Out of 12 timed stages, the boys finished 1st and 2nd out of 24 riders with only 0.3 seconds between them. Not only did Henrik and Jack gain gold and silver positions, but managed a clear seven-second gap between themselves and the 3rd place finisher.

The School’s Assistant Head (Co-Curricular), James Kidd, commented: “It’s great to see our pupils go out on the main circuit and excel in different sports. Henrik and Jack have worked hard to do well – I hope to see many more podium finishes from them.”

Published on 11/10/2016

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