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Masterclass for string quartet

The St John's string quartet were fortunate enough to be involved in a masterclass with the world-renowned Škampa Quartet after the half term break.

Alexander Semple (Upper Fifth, Churchill), Ishmael Rodriguez (Lower Fifth, Surrey), Jimena Rodriguez (Fourth Form, South) and Alasdair Wilson (Fourth Form, Monty) spent time with the Škampa Quartet ahead of the quartet’s Remembrance Day concert at the School.

The Škampa Quartet is among the very finest of an outstanding group of Czech string quartets that has represented the country in major concert halls around the world for more than 20 years. Through their mentors, the legendary Smetana Quartet, they trace their roots to the earliest quartets – such as the Bohemian Quartet – in a land described in the 18th century as the Conservatoire of Europe and that remains, to this day, the very cradle of European Chamber Music.

Director of Music at St John’s, Nick Smith, commented: “This was a wonderful opportunity for a talented young ensemble to receive such bespoke teaching from one of the world's finest string quartets.”

Published on 24/11/2016

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