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St John’s argues for the win

The School’s debate team triumphed at last week’s Debating Matters competition, emerging as winners in the Bromley qualifying round of the competition.

Jack Perry (Upper Sixth, West) and Molly Herbert (Lower Sixth, South) qualified for the evening’s final after arguing against the motion ‘monuments to controversial historical figures should remain’ comprehensively beating a very competent team from Langley Park School for Girls.

Harry Edwards (Lower Sixth, Surrey) and Rhianna Hyde (Lower Sixth, South) took over for the final, arguing against the motion ‘political parties are bad for democracy’ in a very competitive debate with Walthamstow Hall. Both sides spoke exceptionally well in a feisty debate. It was close contest, but St John’s team emerged as winners and have now qualified for the regional finals in March 2017.

Published on 05/12/2016

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