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London’s School of Economics visits St John’s

On Tuesday 10 January guest speaker Chandran Kukathas,a leading academic from the London School of Economics, gave an intriguing talk entitled ‘Mayday for liberalism? European values in the post-brexit era’. Mr Kukathas spoke at length about the challenges facing liberalism and argued that there were no institutional fixes. Over 70 pupils, parents and staff attended the school politics society’s latest talk.

Several pupils and parents spoke from the floor asking about the potential impact of further electoral shocks, such as the possible election of French far right politician Marion Le Pen. The evening ended with many still debating the arguments our guest raised.

Head of Politics, Julian Thomas, commented: “This was a fantastic opportunity for pupils to hear and be able to ask questions to an expert in this field. Thank you very much to Chandran Kukathas for his time and valuable insight.”

Published on 18/01/2017

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