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House film competition

On Monday 16 January the House Film competition concluded with the Gala Night showing and awards ceremony. The most successful films were those that demonstrated clear planning. Many Houses had thought carefully about the narrative structure of their film, camera angles and accompanying sound. In many cases large numbers of House members were involved.

Surrey won the competition with an expertly-crafted and very funny “Anchorman” style film inspired by recent news events.  James Biggar was also awarded Best Actor for his superb portrayal of a bombastic presidential candidate, and there were strong supporting performances from Angus Rose, Joe Sperrin, Henry Baker, Eamon Al-Saffar, Sam Sterling and Cameron Doyle.  The film was directed by Ben Gadsby and Joe Sperrin.

Jamie Garbett, Head of Drama commented: “I was incredibly impressed by the level of thought and creativity shown in this year’s competition. The pupils showed an excellent understanding of filmmaking techniques and many of the submissions were highly impactful in their ability to create and maintain mood and atmosphere. This year has certainly raised the bar in terms of the quality of films produced and we look forward to next year’s submissions with anticipation.”

The following awards were presented at the ceremony:

Best Actress

Milly Gallacher, for playing a hard-to-please dance judge

Best Actor

James Biggar, for really capturing the vocal and physical delivery of a Donald Trump-esque politician.

Best Sound

Churchill House, for their avant-garde film about two people entering an abandoned school

Best Cinematography

West House, for their visually stunning story about mental illness. Charlie Joyce and his team had given considerable thought to the use of camera angles and lighting, they were justly awarded.

Best Film

Surrey House, for their well-planned structure and the finesse of execution. Those who made the film had clearly made a conscious effort to involve as many pupils from the House as possible. The framing device of a news report was highly skilfull, and comic timing was used throughout to great effect. Given recent events a film based on the rise of a politician was highly topical.

Published on 26/01/2017

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