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Cadet promotion to Warrant Officer

St John's is proud to have added a Warrant Officer to our cadet ranks. Jack Perry from Upper Sixth, West House has been acknowledged for his hard work and dedication with the promotion, an honour not bestowed on a cadet for over five years. We caught up with Jack to discuss his outstanding achievement.

How long have you been in the Combined Cadet Force?

I have been in the Royal Navy Section for just under four years.

What ranks and titles have you held?

I have been Head of the RN Section since September 2016. At the beginning of this academic year, I held the rank of Petty Officer. I was promoted to Chief Petty Officer shortly after the start of the Autumn term and held the rank until my promotion to Warrant Officer in February 2017.

What are your responsibilities?

As the Head of Section, I was expected to implement the new syllabus this year, which involves various new stages of cadet progression, a new assessment system and the incorporation of additional topics into the curriculum. I work alongside the Section Officers, S/Lt Mooney and Lt Cdr Vaughan, organising schedules and allocating resources to ensure the new syllabus is taught correctly whilst being engaging and rewarding for both Cadets and NCOs (Non-Commissioned Officers, or Senior Cadets).

Has this been challenging?

With so many new assessments to arrange for the Junior Cadets to undertake, and almost 90 Cadets across four-year groups to organise, CCF has kept me very busy this year! Thankfully, I have had plenty of help from the Section Officers and the other NCOs.

How do you feel about the promotion?

It's an honour, above all else. To be awarded a rank not held by any RN Cadet for nearly five years is a humbling achievement. What matters more to me than rank, however, is doing my job well. It's important that the syllabus continues to bring about improvements to the section even after I have left. I have confidence that whoever succeeds me as Head of Section next year will continue to improve the curriculum, ensuring a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Published on 09/02/2017

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