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Pancake race 2017

Pupils turned out into the Quad for the annual St John's pancake race. Spectators lined the pathways as the participants took their places, ready to risk life and limb for pancake flipping glory.

The Lower School started proceedings, with Mrs Anderson's tutor group taking the accolade. The juniors came next, with South sealing the deal with some fast flipping. The intermediates followed, with North House finishing first. The race was completed by the seniors, who after a furious flurry and frenzied fans screaming support from the finish line, saw Churchill flip their way to glory. Overall, however, Haslewood took the title of pancake day champions.

Well done to all who participated in the 2017 pancake race!

The Results:

Lower School (by Tutor Group)

1st Mrs Anderson

2nd Mr Hughes

3rd Mr White

4th Mr Rawlings


1st South

2nd Haslewood

3rd East


1st North

2nd Churchill

3rd East


1st Churchill

2nd Gloucester

3rd Haslewood

Overall winners


Published on 28/02/2017

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