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Bath Cup success

The Bath Cup is a swimming relay event inaugurated in 1910 by The Bath Club; a sport focused London gentleman’s club initially only open to select members. Since then it has opened up to schools around the nation. We are pleased to announce St John's competed in the 2017 competition across a range of events with stellar results.

The girl's team came second in the 4 x 50m freestyle relay. All girls swam an individual personal best in the final with Charlie Cole (Lower Sixth, South) storming the final length and missing the gold by 3-hundredths of a second. The team also achieved a place in the final of the 4 x 50m medley relay, taking the gold and the Dunelm Cup by a significant distance with Charlie Cole swimming backstroke, Anna Stansfield (Fourth Form, Haslewood) breaststroke, Aurelia Loth (Fourth Form, South) butterfly, and Martha Hansford (Upper Fifth, Gloucester) finishing with freestyle. They were first seed for the Dunelm final and won by a significant distance. 2017 is the first time St John's girls have achieved a place in the final of the Bath Cup. The team competed against 64 teams.

The boy's freestyle team members were Charlie Bennett (Upper Fifth, East), Edward Reed (Upper Fifth, Surrey), Bruce McCormick (Lower Sixth, Montgomery) and Vyncent Lowery (Lower Sixth, East). They took on the competition with vigour and won the Aldenham cup. The medley relay saw Matthew Thomas (Lower Sixth, Montgomery) swim backstroke, Ben Simpson (Upper Fifth, West) breaststroke, Thomas Stansfield (Upper Fifth, Montgomery) butterfly and Thomas Shepherd (Upper Fifth, Surrey) freestyle. A rapid semi-final placed them in the top 5 with the opportunity to swim in the Otter medley final. They boys swam to victory in the Dunelm Cup final setting a new record for this event in heated competition against 77 other schools.

St John's had never won a cup at this event in its history so winning 3 of 4 cups in one year is an incredible victory. Congratulations to all who participated for the exceptional results!

Published on 14/03/2017

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