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Running for Harrison’s Fund

Pupils, parents and teachers joined the Head of Lower School, Caroline Finnegan, to run the Surrey 5km in Woking on 12 March 2017. We spoke to her about how the Lower School is working to support Harrison’s Fund for 2017.

Why are you raising money for charity?

Each year, pupils decide what charity they would like to support as it is an essential part of the community focus at St John's. They research charities individually and discuss ideas in pairs and groups to come up with fundraising ideas. They then present their ideas to the year group including why they believe we should support a particular charity. It then goes to a ballot vote to for the final decision.

So why was Harrison’s Fund chosen?

This year Jacob Costard (Year 7) individually prepared and delivered a heartfelt presentation on Harrison’s Fund. Jacob and Harrison are good friends who met in primary school. He won over the vast majority of the year group and teachers who voted.

 How much are you hoping to raise/have you raised?

We will do the best that we can to raise as much money as possible this year to support young people with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. For this particular event we raised £1045, but overall we have raised £3000 for Harrison’s Fund this academic year. 

Would you like to support the Lower School fundraising effort? Visit their Just Giving page for more information.

Published on 17/03/2017

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