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GCSE drama performances

The term’s work for the Upper Fifth drama pupils culminated recently with a scripted performance. Countless hours of rehearsals in lessons, at lunch and after school went into perfecting their characterisation and complex movement. The cohort displayed considerable skill in the handling of various texts. The content was challenging, but the performances were precise.

On Wednesday the performances opened with ‘Speechless’, a story of troubled twins played by Libby Thornton and Meg Wrigglesworth, with Phoebe Saville doing an excellent job of playing multiple characters. ‘Pink Mist’ told the tale of three boys who went to war, with devastating consequences. The ensemble work from the cast was well timed and executed to perfection as was the Bristolian accent of James Gardner. The adaptation of famous gothic novel ‘Frankenstein’ finished the evening, and captured the rising tension between creature and creator expertly, portrayed by Owen Rowlands and Zach Brettell.

Thursday’s performances began with ‘Contractions’. Emilia Bindi and Sophie Mosselmans handled the employer-employee power struggle with finesse and skill. The relationship between characters in ‘No One Sees the Video’ was intricately performed with Luke Trimming’s Scottish-accented Colin turning Elizabeth’s relationship with her daughter Jo on its head. The final performance was ‘100’ with Rory Webb’s guide attempting to get the others to choose their last memory.

Well done to all who performed and participated.

Published on 22/03/2017

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