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Emil and the Detectives

On two of the hottest evenings this year, St John’s Middle School pupils put an exhilarating production of Emil and the Detectives.

Tommy Haines was superb as the plucky, anguished Emil determined to retrieve his money stolen by Mr Snow, played with villainous verve by Conor Cloughley. The evening unfolded with Michael Georgiou as the mischievous Toots, gathering his city friends in an attempt to help Emil pursue the dumpling-devouring robber. He enlists help from Pony the Hat, Emil’s feisty bike-riding cousin, illustrated passionately by Zoe Bell. Despite Pony greeting him with an arm-lock, Toots takes a shine to her, but his attempts at romancing her were comically deflected by Nina Globerson's character of the Grandma.

The galloping hunt was brilliantly brought to life by the ensemble through the bustling choreography of detectives colliding with the adults in the streets of Berlin, the humming of Mr Snow’s signature tune, and the desperate dive he made into the stalls of the audience only to be hotly pursued by scores of children.

Congratulations to the entire cast for an outstanding performance which fully immersed the audience in the world of Emil’s adventure. We eagerly anticipate next term's production.

Published on 28/06/2017

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