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Furniture Design Competition Winner

In July we were delighted to hear that Upper Fifth pupil Saskia Hawkins had won joint first place in the Young Furniture Makers’ Schools Design Competition. For her GCSE Design and Technology coursework, Saskia’s brief was to design and make a product which enables the user to store and have easy access to a number of LP records. She also incorporated space to accommodate an amplifier and record player. Saskia commented: “I had a bunch of 12-inch records that tended to end up in piles on the floor or leaned against other things. I used to have a simple table which held my turntable and amplifier and I was motivated to design something more compact and inclusive which could accommodate all the elements in one place.” Pupils are not usually challenged to design and make furniture in the time available at GCSE level. However, Saskia’s exceptional abilities in the subject have enabled her to achieve a very successful outcome. Saskia has won £150 in vouchers and she has been invited to the 2017 Young Furniture Makers’ Exhibition in October to receive her award and to exhibit her work. In addition, the School has won a grant towards materials or a field trip.

Published on 16/08/2017

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