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At St John’s we believe that our fundamental purpose is to challenge our pupils intellectually and inspire them to become successful learners. We prepare our pupils for a life of learning and self-understanding and therefore place equal importance upon examined and non-examined subjects.

Confidence and flexibility in their approach to learning means that our pupils will be able to adapt to whatever the future may hold for them.

Our classrooms are very supportive, friendly environments, where each pupil’s individual progress is paramount, but behind our pupil’s enjoyment of innovative teaching lies the necessary rigour to ensure the best results possible.

We ask our pupils to seek to understand and take responsibility for their own learning process and we teach them to aspire to be the best they can be, to strive for understanding and improvement. We also ask for the support of our parents in their son’s or daughter’s learning process. A great deal of importance is placed upon the professional development of our teachers and they are engaged in discussion on educational issues and developments in teaching and learning.

This synergy lies at the heart of the St John’s Learning Community, which we believe ensures a unique collaboration between all parties involved in the learning process.  

I hope these pages will give you a sense of the very special relationship which is built up between pupils, parents and teachers and of the personalised and individual understanding and support that an education at St John’s provides. 

Mr W Turner
Deputy Head (Academic)